Sometimes, people ask me what IDE, theme, icons, etc I use. So I decided to write up a little post that sums up. This page is inspired by Wes Bos' uses page.

Editor + Terminal

Code EditorVS Code
Code Editor ThemeDefault dark+ theme
Code Editor IconsMaterial Icon Theme
Console AppUsually the VS Code integrated terminal during coding, for other uses,iTerm2 with ZSH.

Desktop Apps

BrowserGoogle Chrome for most things. Firefox to counter-checking some things.
VPN ClientCisco AnyConnect
Todo AppAny.do
Window ManagementDivvy

Hosting & Co.

Hosting Front-End SitesNetlify
Hosting BackendHeroku
Other cloud needsDigital Ocean
Email provideGSuite
Domain providerOnlyDomains

Workstation Setup

LaptopHP EliteBook 850 G5 MacBook Pro
External screen49" CJ890 Super-Ultra Wide Monitor with USB-C
DeskStanding BENE office desk station
Office ChairAnax iNet